There are many real estate agencies throughout Gold Coast. We share the same what and how, but we believe a world-class real estate agency should focus on the why and who. We set up to connect with what matters the most – the people and the real estate experience.

We are outcome oriented – Your real estate objective is the anchor that we want to be affixed to;
We focus on our clients – We’re always putting people first and are customer-centric;

For more than a decade, many property owners and clients have known us as Gold Coast Property Expo. We sincerely believe that we can positively influence the real estate investing experience for our clients. Nuvaq is a new focus on 360 degree care of the objectives of property owners and investors, holiday makers, and property tenants. We pride ourselves on the following points:

  1. We believe in properties – We are investors or would be investors ourselves.
  2. We believe in knowledge – Our principal and managers are tertiary educated, we use the latest technology to manage our time and your investment, we invest in training our people to know investment inside out.
  3. We believe in long term relationships – We have been in real estate for over ten years on the Gold Coast and we are passionate in what we do. We build long term relationships because we refuse to subscribe to the industry norm of just closing a sale and leaving the picture. We believe long term business is more sustainable and profitable for all parties in the long run.
  4. We are genuine – We sincerely believe there is a better way of dealing with real estate agents. We genuinely care for your objective and will tell you the truth, even if it means telling you not to invest if it does not suit you.

Real estate is not about money. Real estate is about the feeling you achieve when you invest in security, pride and future planning. Speak to a Nuvaq team member now and experience the Nuvaq difference for yourself.