Our Core Values
What's most important to us in Real Estate

The team at Nuvaq is of the firm belief that successful, honest and interdependent relationships and partnerships can be formed in the real estate industry. These values are important to us, they are the fabric of our office culture and the framework for all our work ethics. If they are important to you, let’s talk.

  1. We are Caring in all that we do, infusing careful thought into our dealings, care for our guests in genuinely addressing issues faced by customers; care for our property owners’ real estate objectives; care for our work in performing to our best abilities;
  2. We are Innovative in our business by focusing on our client experience with real estate. We recognise real estate is a challenging and chaotic experience. With its complexity, it’s either a painful chaos or an enriched experience, and we strive to work with you to move beyond this seemingly chaotic process. We are fresh, agile and always push for innovation in property investment and rental experience. Our team takes your real estate objectives seriously. We have developed extensive sales and management strategies and strive to deliver delightful outcomes for our clients. We want to partner with our clients to create rewarding real estate experience for both parties;
  3. We are Creative and apply a design thinking method to create elegant solutions.  No issue is too difficult to overcome and there is always a solution, be it human or technological that can address these;
  4. We are Disciplined and believe as a management company, we must first be able to manage ourselves. We are committed to ensuring self and time management focus in every employee. We are committed to personal growth that will in turn grow the company;
  5. We are Consistent  in our values, culture and standard of services. We uphold very high quality of customer service and this is a delightful standard that you can expect day in and day out with the team at Nuvaq;
  6. We have Integrity and hold ourselves accountable to performing the best that we can in our roles, deriving satisfaction in a job well done, holding our heads up high and being proud of what we have achieved knowing that we have given our best in all our dealings in line with the company vision;
  7. We Excel by delivering world-class real estate asset management service. Being good is not good enough, we want to be great. Until then, we will keep pushing ourselves.

Join us on this journey to positively influencing the real estate experience, one property partnership at a time.